Selecting the right Security System for Manufacturing Facilities.

Selecting the right security system for your manufacturing facility can be a difficult maze to navigate without guidance from the experts. 360 cameras, POE, switches, databases, NVR’s… it can certainly get overwhelming. Here are some important factors to consider before beginning your security journey.


  • What kind of structure does your business occupy?
  • How safe is the local community?
  • Do you own, or rent the space?
  • What is your employee count?
  • How many levels of access will you need?


Manufacturing comes bundled with a host of regulations that must be met such as data protection, safety framework, environmental guidelines, and unauthorized access control.  Before the planning of an electronic security system can begin, these regulations need to be determined and well understood.  Failure to comply in even just a single category could set your business back heavily in both time and money. 


Integrated security systems can help manufacturers increase productivity, identify potential internal threats and even help evaluate employee efficiency. Technologies like access control, video surveillance and alarms can greatly reduce liability for businesses. Another added benefit to a fully integrated system is the ability to limit the scope of injuries to employees by ensuring they aren’t in an area outside of their designated work zone.  Not only does this help keep employees physically safe, it also helps mitigate worker’s compensation claims.  


It’s important to choose a security system that can grow with your business. Evaluate your current situation, then reevaluate for 5-10 years in the future. Will your needs have changed? Will you need to expand your existing system, or will it no longer be a viable platform? A little extra effort in the planning phase can go a long way for the future security of your manufacturing facility.

Even if you know more about Security Systems than your average CEO, it’s always a safer idea to hire an integrated security system installer with experience in your industry. You can save yourself money by knowing the correct equipment will be ordered, time by leaving the research & installation legwork to the pros, and sanity by not having to figure out how to program an entire system. (Trust us, it’s a little more complicated than setting up your Keurig for Monday morning coffee)

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