by Tim Butler, Director of Safety & Compliance

Between the crazy amount of snacks and the alcohol, it’s no surprise that Super Bowl Sunday can
totally derail your diet in a single day. You don’t have to sabotage yourself this year, though.

You can enjoy game day with these healthier-for-you food ideas that still taste indulgent. The below
links include recipes for game day that won’t disrupt your body goals. As always, its important to
practice portion control and make sure to use the same plate; when we toss away plates between
dishes, we also toss away the reality of what we are actually eating. From healthier options for
potato skins, chicken wings and chili these links have all the classic football snacks you want, just
more nutritional. Find your favorites, and if by some chance you end up ordering in, be sure to stay
away from items high in calories, fat, sodium and carbs.

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