Facilities Maintenance

Ensure your facility always looks impeccable. OMNI handles all of your maintenance needs with expert care & attention.

Professional Care for your Commercial Space

Facility maintenance is crucial for businesses to ensure their operations run smoothly without interruption. Regular maintenance and repairs conducted by professionals not only prolong the lifespan of a facility’s assets but also create a safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing environment for employees and clients.
This proactive approach reduces the risk of costly downtimes and enhances overall productivity.


Visually and physically inspect exterior for:

• Unauthorized entry, unsafe conditions, security vulnerabilities
• Graffiti and vandalism
• Doors & windows/locking mechanisms
• Asphalt/parking lot/curbing/walk ways and unsafe conditions
• Collect and dispose of loose debris & trash around the property


Visually and physically inspect building common areas & tenant spaces for:

• Unauthorized entry & unsafe conditions
• Proper space temperature and environmental conditions
• Proper elevator operation
• Non-operational light fixtures/bulbs
• Stained or damaged ceiling tiles
• Doors & windows/locking mechanisms
• Exit signs/emergency lights (weekly)


Visually inspect:

• Soap and paper dispensers for adequate supply levels
• Flush floor drain traps to prevent drying out (weekly)

Mechanical Rooms/Closets

Visually inspect to: 

• Ensure neat and orderly conditions
• Verify proper equipment operation

"At District Hall in Boston's Seaport, we get over 100,000 visitors per year and hold over 1,200 events per year. OMNI is the partner we trust to keep our space ready every day for the community we serve in the Seaport."

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